eWF SIMS is one of the best store inventory management systems in UAE that helps you stay organized, avoid costly errors, and track all inventory activities in your store. Whether you’re running an online store or you’re the proud owner of a retail store, good store inventory management is essential to the success of your business. And e-Workforce has helped many store owners by providing an effective store inventory management software. We have 500+ highly satisfied customer base in UAE and more than 1000+ customers across India.

eWF SIMS is designed for wholesalers to manage their store inventory with intelligent Purchase integrated with Re-Ordering, Delivery Order, Billing with Credit Terms, and many other Management Reports". So, if you’re looking for a software solution to keep your store inventory well-organized and flawless movement of the products, then choose eWF SIMS - number one store inventory management system in Dubai and across UAE.

Why You Need a Store Inventory Management System:

Why Choose eWF SIMS (Store Inventory Management System):

  • Re-ordering based on movement and no. of days.
  • Intelligent purchase by checking previous offers.
  • Integrated with Barcode, Batch, Expiry, Rack Id, Country of Origin and Multiple Sales Packs, etc.
  • Create goods receipt using purchase orders.
  • Credit checking while doing invoicing (days/limits).
  • Create invoices from delivery orders with options.
  • Easy to check the near expiry or slow-moving items.
  • Removal of expired items by means of purchase return.
  • Up-to-date stock and sales on cost and sales price.
  • Highest level of security with an encrypted password and modular access based on the business requirement.
  • Option to allocate multiple barcodes for a single product such as own barcode and manufactures barcode.
  • Fully integrated with our accounting package.

What You Can Do With eWF SIMS:

  • Purchase
    • Re-Order levels
    • Re-Ordering (PO)
    • LPO to Purchase
    • Hold 'n' Recall
    • Purchase returns
  • Billing
    • Cash/Credit
    • Credit limits
    • DO based Billing
    • Hold 'n' Recall
    • Sales returns
  • Incentive settings
    • Company-wise
    • Product-wise
    • Target settings
  • Other Features
    • Target vs achieved reports
    • Lost opportunity reports
    • Profitable Items reporting
    • Daily receipts & payments
    • Movement Analysis
    • Barcode Printing
    • 50+ Sales Reports
    • 50+ Stock Reports