eWF DMS is a simple and secure digital document management software to seamlessly store, organize and control documents in your office, home, etc. Our document management software is one of the most preferred software in the UAE that adapts to any type of business model by enhancing the accessibility and functionality while maximizing the communication and collaboration between users. It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is no doubt the smart and flexible choice for efficient document management.

eWF DMS is designed for individuals as well as all small, medium, and large enterprises who want to keep their files and documents secure and organized. Our digital document management system, state-of-art technology to change your office into a paperless environment. Anything in the paper can be captured into the system, with reminders, document expiry dates, security and sharing options. All other electronic formats such as audio/video/office document formats are also supported. eWF DMS can also be integrated with other ERP Modules.

Why You Need a Document Management System:

Why Choose eWF DMS (Document Management System):

  • Cost Savings
  • Quality Improvement & Improved Internal Operations
  • Reduced Storage
  • Flexible Retrieval and Indexing
  • Improved, faster and more flexible search
  • Digital Archiving
  • Controlled and Improved Document distribution
  • Improved Security
    • Only Authorized People Can Access
    • Restrict to Access Specified Documents for Specific Tasks
    • Lock your Documents
    • Preserve Document Status Over Time
  • Disaster Recovery
  • No Lost Files
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

What You Can Do With eWF DMS: