Midland Solutions is committed to providing a total solution, from working closely with the client to determine their needs and provide them with continued support throughout the lifetime of the product. Our current solutions include a suite of applications in building domain centric products in desktop and client-server platforms in healthcare, transportation, hospitality retailing etc. Easy to install and maintain and assured on-time delivery, response and maintenance are the main advantages of our products. We also take on customer explicit software development contracts and turnkey projects.

Electronic Workforce (EWF)

Midland Solutions offers EWF, a customer interaction platform that enables the development of applications that is used in We provide you answers to all your queries. Business critical information can be made available using our highly customizable ERP Modules called e-Work Force (e-WF). All E-Wf Products are in compliance with VAT standards.

We provide you the following highly customizable ERP Modules:-